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No more menus after latest patch !!!

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Hello everyone,

I already wrote something about the issue I've been experiencing since the latest update (8th October 2020) in an older post ("Stuck on screen after "press any key"" topic) but no one has yet answered anything about it.

I am really frustrated because I could play the game perfectly until the latest update, and now I don't have ANY menus to click on after the "Press any key" message. I only see my mouse cursor and the animated background, that's it ! No menus to click on = no game to be played.

I've read that this issue was linked to Microsoft's Gamepass and that it could be fixed by going on one's Microsoft account and blablabla but in my case the game comes from Epic Games Store and I haven't found ANY tips that could help me solve the problem.

I've done all the silly things one does to troubleshoot an issue: reinstall the game, reinstall Epic Games, Graphics card has the latest Nvidia drivers, no antivirus nor any firewall or whatnot that could be conflicting with the game, to no avail.

PLEASE ! I'd really appreciate any help because it's been 4 days and I still cannot play the game, which I really like.

Thanks in advance for reading and giving some help as I am sure I cannot be the ONLY one to have this issue and I am running out of ideas !

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