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  1. Well, happy for you ! I still don't have any menus after "Press any key" message...sigh...and I don't know what to do as I've already reinstalled everything so I am not about to do that again since it doesn't help fixing the "no menus to click" issue. I can't believe it's been a week now and NO DEV came back to me to at least acknowledge there IS an issue with that last patch ! Maybe we are not many to have it but there is something wrong with that patch as the game was working perfectly before !!! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhh !!!!
  2. It is insane because I clearly KNOW many people must have some issues after that patch and no one from the Dev team has replied yet. Like the game doesn't work for some of us but no one seems to care. I don't have the same error you guys have, my game runs but I don't have ANY menus to click on since the latest update (8th October, right ?). It's been almost a week since I last played the game just because of it !!
  3. Hello everyone, I already wrote something about the issue I've been experiencing since the latest update (8th October 2020) in an older post ("Stuck on screen after "press any key"" topic) but no one has yet answered anything about it. I am really frustrated because I could play the game perfectly until the latest update, and now I don't have ANY menus to click on after the "Press any key" message. I only see my mouse cursor and the animated background, that's it ! No menus to click on = no game to be played. I've read that this issue was linked to Microsoft's Gamepass and that
  4. I am really surprised no one else has encountered this issue on Epic Games. It is obvious it is related to the latest patch mentioned above. I provide a screenshot so you see what I mean exactly by "stuck on Main Menu". There are simply no more menus to click on, I simply cannot play the game anymore AND I tried to reinstall the game, update my graphics card drivers, remove the "Indiana" directory where my save and config files are, nothing worked. I am a bit frustrated to be honest as I simply cannot play the game AT ALL, not even start a new game !!! After "Click any key", I get no menus at
  5. Hi there ! Well, until the latest patch (8 October 2020) I could play without any problems but since the latter I don't have any menus showing once the game is launched, exactly as described in the "Xbox gamepass" issue. So YES it DOES happen as well when one plays the game on Epic apparently (my case). I have no idea what to do to be honest: I've reinstalled the game, reinstalled Epic (you do all those illogical things when some program stops working for no apparent reason, isn't it), verified the files, to no avail. I would LOVE to be able to continue my journey so, if an
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