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Ideas for the future versions

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First off, thank you Obsidian for making this incredible game-  It honestly feels like one of the most well made alpha games I've ever seen.  However given that your games have a track record of being incredible, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.  Anyways, here's some ideas I have for future iterations:

1.  Fast travel- Travelling the yard takes about as long as it should, I feel, for normal travel.  However, faster options would be appreciated.  One option I thought of, since you can't really interact with the Crow but you can fairly easily get to where it lands by building, is using it as a form of one-way fast travel.  Have the player able to attach themselves to its leg, and then have it soar around the yard in a loop before landing somewhere else, allowing the player to get off at any point.  This would make it feel like they don't have control over the Crow, while still letting them use it sort of like a bus.

2.  Building underground (specifically in the ant hill)- I would love to be able to build in the places currently blocked off, since they seem more easily defensible than others and I feel it doesn't make sense you can't build there.  A good example of this is the ant nest when wearing the full ant set, since they don't attack you, and sometimes help you with things attacking you.  The main thing I want to build is torches and lights, so that I don't have to carry one every time I want to go underground.

3.  Taming things- I understand this is a touchy topic for some, since they don't want the game to follow suit with ARK, which is understandable.  ARK's main issue regarding that is how powerful the creatures you tame are compared to a player, how long it takes, and how active a role you need to be in to control large groups of them.  I think this would be avoidable if taming is extremely limited, perhaps to insects that actually make sense to be tamed.  I propose that only eusocial insects such as bees and ants are 'tameable', and that you can't completely control what they do.  You would more or less usurp their queen, perhaps by killing one and dousing yourself in their pheromones, giving them instructions for them to follow and making a hive/nest of your own.  This would also add a unique feeling of building a town/community, which the only similar game I've seen with such is minecraft.  Bees being able to fly would also allow for a faster form of travel.

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The issue with usurping an ant queen is that doing so would involve taking on their duties. Which is not only physically impossible, but attempting to do so would drastically change the game's ESRB rating.

It would make more sense to manipulate their instincts (i.e. ant pheromones and bee dances) to control their behavior.

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