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On 10/8/2020 at 8:43 AM, Nuclear0 said:

I get fps drops it goes down to the twenties when I open my inventory I play on game pass for pc.

This has been updated and fixed when it comes to the menus. However it seems during gameplay I still continue to see an unusual frame jerky-ness if that makes sense. The FPS monitoring seems to keep the consistent FPS you set the game to. But on screen it doesn't appear to be the case. Although the game runs it still doesn't appear to be as smooth as it used to be. I am sure the update to the game engine has something to do with this. There needs to be some optimization issues with the new update.

**Update: I've discovered the reason for the fps dropping during gameplay. The menu fps drop was fixed. However the gameplay frame drops because of the reoccurring overspawn issue. I found bugs of all kinds everywhere in very high numbers.

*Solution: Go on a hunt and kill as many bugs as possible. Especially spiders. 

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