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Survival Game and replayability

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Really love how there is bugs in the game but i hopes its more then just killing things.  Cause from what I see is that if you build the game to be a hack and slash its will get boring very quickly and you need to bring out more content to make players happy. And adding anything complicated to the game won't be useful as players just want to best armor and the best weapon. So hope this mindset can change in this game from hack and slash to other things. 

  • More ways to survive then just seeing everything as an enemy. 
  • To use the bugs to your advantages instead of killing them a choice given to players. 
  • Players can be selective in what they kill and still get the things they need. 
  • The best weapons and armor will not save you to get players to think of other ways of defeating something. 
  • If you get stung no armor will save you! 
  • I see people raiding the ants nest just for their eggs so the eggs can be used as a weapon what a waste more ways and more ideas to craft their item. Maybe to earn trust with the bugs? And they can get some eggs? 
  • PVE and PVP options 
  • If killing is the focus once you get everything the game and environment gets boring. 
  • A good survival games to follow is The Long Dark! Million copies sold best survival game! Players play it over and over again to see how long they can survive! 
  • Other games have started development base on it. 
  • Your game have bugs so that is new! 
  • More focus on other things then weapons and what beast item can be dropped. 
  • More realism in the game so there be more ways to play it. Casual, realistic, etc all up to the player to choose. 
  • Strategy is very important makes players think about what things could be used instead of the quick hack and slash. 
  • Games like Oxygen not included has lots of deep strategic management ideas and you can attract these players. 
  • Reputation system with the bugs and missions generated by these bugs so you can do things for them and help them and they will help you! 
  • Create factions in the garden and see who can overpower who? Create an environment where spiders rules? See what happen to other things if that happens! 
  • Take on ideas from ECO a management ecosystem game that been in development for a few years now. 
  • Physics mechanics will really be good in this game as well as certain things that can be change? Poke holes in a bottle? Dig a small dam? Etc? Shape the garden to become a nightmare. 

Would really like to see this game become more then a hack and slash kill the bug game! :):) Could attract so many types of players to this game! 


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