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Cannot load save games or play expansion

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Greetings, I played the game soon after launch and loved the game so I finished it pretty quickly.  I have not played since and multiple updates have occurred.  I went ahead and got the expansion but when I go to play, I found that while all my save games exist in my profile folder "Load Game" is greyed out in the game.  So I can no longer use my character OR play the expansion. Please help.


This is in Windows 10 and the game was purchased on the Microsoft store.  Thank you.

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In the event anyone else runs into my issue, with the help of support I figured out what happened.

I played through the whole game without using cloud saves and never signed into the Xbox app it wanted me to use.  So all save games were saved in "C:\Users\PROFILE_NAME\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\__LOCAL__" .    After installing the expansion and logging in to the game it bugged me about the Xbox app and cloud saves again so I logged into that.  At this point I believe the game changed where it looks for saves to "C:\Users\USER_PROFILE\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\MICROSOFT_ACCOUNT_ID".   This location was new and empty so the game saw no save files.  Simply copying my saves from _LOCAL_ to the microsoft account folder allowed the game to see them all.  And bam, problem solved!



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