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Accessing the Public Test on Steam


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Things to keep in mind:

  • The content you are going to experience is currently in development. By participating in our public test, you will be able to help us locate issues and fix them before the content is officially released to all platforms.
  • Since this content is still in development, we ask that when discussing unreleased content to please respect those who aren't participating in the public test who may be waiting for the content to officially release. Use spoiler tags when you feel it is appropriate.
  • It is important to remember that your save files might not be compatible between the test builds and the release builds. This is especially true when moving back to the release branch from the public test branch, since the content in the public test save contains unreleased content.
  • Those who are in the Public Test branch of the game will only be able to play with others who are also in that branch. You will not be able to play with any players on the default release branch of the game.
  • To join the test through the Xbox Insider Flight Program, follow the instructions found on our website here.


Accessing the Public Test on Steam:

To access the Public Test on Steam, please follow these steps:


1) In your Steam Library Right click on Grounded, and select "Properties"


2) Select the "Beta" Tab, and click the Drop Down for labeled "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs", and instead select "public_test"


3) Close the Window, and you should have a download ready. Attempting to play the game should automatically trigger the download.


How to switch back on Steam:

To switch back and opt out of all betas, simply repeat the steps above, but select "None - Opt out of all Betas" from the drop-down list in Step 1.


Other Platforms: We are currently working on opening this up to other platforms, so stay tuned for announcements on this!


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