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Does healing endurance through a spell actually help in saving health?

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So i know that if you get injured a little and do nothing, your health will deplete and endurance will recover. So for example, if you health was 100/100 and endurance 50/50 and you fight a xaurip and your endurance goes to 35/50. you don't heal it. you wait and after a few minutes (after the xaurip's death) your health say goes to 90/100 and endurance to 50/50.

But if Durance heals me in the middle of fight (endurance goes to 50/50), will the health still go to 90/100 or will it remain 100/100.

In the former case, Healing spells actually help in attrition. In the latter, healing spells are only for preventing knockouts.

(calculations are not to scale or accurate)

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Healing spells are only for preventing knockouts. 

Your endurance and health bar always suffer the same damage from an attack. The only difference is that your health pool is much bigger than you endurance pool.

If you have 100 health and 25 endurance and get damaged for 10 your endurance will be 15 and your health 90. If Durance heals you your endurance will be back at 25 but your health remains at 90.

There are only three effects that can heal health (besides resting and maybe the use of a charged item or so): Wound Binding (talent), Field Triage (talent) and Infuse with Vital Essence (potion or wizard spell). Those also profit from healing modifiers (Might, bonus healing done, bonus healing received and so on). If you take Infuse of Vital Essence as wizard mastery spell you get a 1/encounter source of health healing basically. 

The general mechanic makes constant healing (endurance) less of a viable approach for classes or builds with small health pools -  because even if you heal up all your endurance all the time you can still die from low health (more quickly if it's low to begin with). 

Barbarians can stack up enormous amounts of health (endurance, too) at higher levels. They feel very squishy at the start of the game because they not only have low deflection but also their bigger health pool isn't really noticable. After several levels the difference to most other classes becomes more and more significant. Thus a high level Barb can take a lot more damage without the need for a rest than let's say a Rogue. 

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