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Structure on Gorgon's Tallest Peak

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So I finished Peril on Gorgon, but there's one large building (and some smaller surrounding units) on the asteroid's highest topographical point, slightly southeast from dead center on the map. It's near the telescope (comic book side quest), which is another hard-to-find location.

Is this structure accessible? Is it only decorative, like the terraformers? You can barely see it over the mountain peaks. None of the main quests or side missions have taken me there. Has anyone been able to get there, and is there anything worth seeing?

Also wondering where to find Dr. Low's pass card that takes you to the small room at the bottom of the CHEM lab. I tried pickpocketing him at his orbital station, but it wasn't on his person.

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Never mind...I'm pretty sure it's the very top of the Adrena-Time Synthesis & Manufacturing Center (with Olivia's penthouse office and the big glass ceiling). You can also see the "bottom" of the same structure when walking through the cavern tunnels underneath the mountain; this area corresponds to the lower levels of the same factory.

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