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immersion issue: in my game Martha is not using a pot or pan on the hot plate (cooking/stove plate) its a fun little side quest, they were just strange people. anyways obsidian might want to throw a pot or pan in there and have martha use a spoon or fork to stir the meal 

also i havent tested it yet but would be cool if after walking around long enough or waiting/sleeping it cuts to a scene (if the player doesnt unlock that room with mr. hechts body on the table)  where the family calls you to the table to eat. or after returning to the kitchen you are given an option to eat. or whatever.

the gameplay bug: after passing the dialog option  to convince them to let the protagonist live , they don't unlock the door. that would have been something some players might want for some odd reason.

as well hoping there is another part to this story after grabbing the id card. anyways love the game thanks obsidian! 

maybe ill just run away next gameplay.


PS thank you for not sending out so many updates im glad im spending more time playing and not updating. my schedule doesnt allow much free time and im otr, thank you for this new universe to explore!

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