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Here are just some overall fixes and feedback I have for the game after playing it the first few days it came out. Keep in mind I have not played since so these may already be fixed.

-Faster way to transfer larger quantities of items from inventories as well as for crafting.

-The enemy Ai and health is difficult to deal with if you have just started.

-The areas that you are able to build structures onto need to be more clear. Or make a way to terraform or flatten the ground.

-When holding a stack of planks or grass, if you are selected on a bow in your hot bar, you are unable to drop the planks and are instead forced to shoot the bow.

-There needs to be a little more info/tutorial around the UI and inventory.

-The hot bar slots should be separate from your actual inventory spaces.

-Hard to figure out which high tier tools you need and how to obtain them.

Theres a lot that I really appreciate about the game, but sometimes these issues definitely took away from the gameplay experience. 

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