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I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what. But I had about 5000 raw science when the game updated. I went to go check out burgl and a wolf spider spawned in outta nowhere and killed me. I loaded back in no problem but when I did my RS was gone. Everything I had already analyzed is gone. My base is gone. It’s basically acting like a new game except I still have my upgraded weapons and armor which is weird. If anybody else is having a issue like this please help me out. 

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Great Game but here are my issues after update or general:


- water fly meat cant be used, get only spoiled-> alltime

- not many ladybugs (only 2-3 but sometimes i get a head)-> alltime

- too many ants / no ant eggs or a cracked and a full ant egg which cant be collected / full lag when next to anthill -> in ant hill not possible to walk / ants hunting as hell weevils but did not do something when theykilled them / stocking ants in hill-> alltime

- repeatings missions, sometimes i dont know if i had done it, not visible whats newallred but i got the new misdon after update-> alltime

- sleep in normal bed is ok, respawn there not a good idei cause u get spawned in the bed not  next to it, also destroy bed is no solution WORKARROUND: get respawn only in Lean to‘s-> alltime

- sometimes it duplicates your extra clothing when using a amor dummy (got acorn clothes doubled)->last time before 2weeks but i didnt testet yet

- game gets laggy in multiplayer when using a lot of lamps in your house-> alltime

- arrows sometimes bug into a wood and you cant get them / when u get killed after you shoot with arrows, the arrows are not visible when u comeback-> alltime

- setting gamma get not saved when you start daily the game, you need to apply it each time-> alltime

- sometimes sounds in burgl lab from other animals which are not visible-> alltime

- sap catchers catches not more then one sap, also when you jump on them you are sliding-> alltime

- no smoothie receipes, also not when you discover all juice packs-> alltime

- triangle grass wall twice name for different stuff-> alltime

- got in one base 2 leant-to but one of them get destroys anytime, also my door in that house gets destroyed by own after a while-> alltime

- build base stuff is sometimes difficult cause you did not get it on the correct place, tale other material sometimes work then, got that issue also with decor mounts-> alltime

- in my whole game i get 2times mints but now no new get spawned-> alltime

- sometimes ska.b start to lag and shows a signal anytime without break-> last time today but yesterday also

- grubs are in stones?-> alltime

- yesterday wolf spider fight, me with a bow, the spider comes next to me and hit me like a block attack but no damage and my character flys over the half map into the water ( i think it was 250cm in rocketspeed)

Keep on, this great game need to be extended, i love it but some hotfixes would be nice.


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