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Sleep schedule needs revision

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My friend and I just did like a 5 hour session and it seemed like every time we went to go to sleep we’d end up an hour early, leaving us sitting there staring at each other waiting for it to go from 19:00 to 20:00 so we could sleep. The light schedule in game is synced up in such a way that the player ends up thinking it is time to sleep about an hour before your integrated sleep limitations will allow it. Either you need to expand the sleep window or adjust the daylight schedule because this is surely gonna be an ongoing issue for some players considering how many times we butted heads with this wall. By about 19:00 the light has faded enough that unless a player is planning on venturing out into the dark there is little else to do but rush off to sleep so that tomorrow you can get off on that adventure that the fading sunlight canceled. 

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