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Marker missions bugged

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Saw someone post about one of the missions from Burg-L they had was bugged.  can't think of the mission now or who made the post.

I got 3 missions from him last night.  Weed Killer, Stepping Stones and Bird Bath.  Of those 3 i had already completed 2 of them pre-patch, but didn't get any credit for them, Weed Killer and Bird Bath.  I was able to finish the Stepping stones, then went to the Week Killer and my Trail Marker was on the canister but i couldnt' do anything with it except change the icon.  No credit for the mission to put it there, no option to recycle it and rebuild it, and hitting it with various tools had no effect at all.

Floated down and went to the bird bath, hoping that one would work for me.  Luckily it did, i was able to recycle that marker and rebuild to get mission credit.

Weed killer canister marker is still bugged.

Hopefully the creator of the other post about the markers can add theirs here, or link their post and i'll add this and kill this post.


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