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Unable to properly rebind Jump or Crouch

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My apologies if this isn't the right place for this. 

I am unable to properly rebind Jump/Swim Up and Crouch/Swim Down. By default the game uses spacebar for both Jump and Swim Up but when I try to assign another key to both of these functions only one is allowed. When assigning the second function it removes the first keybinding. This is the same for ctrl for Crouch/Swim Down, I cannot reassign C for both of these functions. I would assume this is true for all of the keybinds.

Is there by chance a config file I can edit myself for now? *edit* I have found the config :)

*further edit* I've notice that when modifying SwimUp or SwimDown via the UI, the resulting config file entries only refer to SwimUp:


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I am having a similar issue on Xbox One when attempting to map my A Button to Swim Up while keeping the defaults of Jump/Glide. It makes sense to me to be able to press/hold A Button (or Space Bar) to swim up while in water, jump while on land, AND glide while in the air. I like the defaults the way they are, I just would like to add 'swim up' to the mix.


Grounded Rel

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