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Removing Backpacks & Carrying Capacity Upgrades

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I wanted to suggest that seeing that the characters all use backpacks with a carrying limit. Why not add in larger packs in game that can be found or crafted. For starters I was thinking about at least 5 different bags the player could stumble across while exploring? This also to along with the idea of allowing players the ability to take off and pick up/swap  backpacks. 

The lab assistant pouch- found in the wreckage of an abandoned lab. Containes a burgl module. Not as big as the standard packpack. But food spoils slower and ants can't pilfer food from it.

Field researchers bag- a smaller duffle bag found in a destroyed fort. Wiith a little more carrying capacity than the standard bag. Food spoils slower. Ants can still pilfer from it. But it has a small liquid container for 1 unit of water or juice.

Camping backpack- found in a wolf spiders den with the remains of a naturalist who wanted to use the shrinking technology as a means to study the insects close up. But got more than they bargained for. Has double the capacity of a standard bag. Ants cannot pilfer from it. It also allows up to 2 liquids to be stored.

Duffle bag- belongs to a lab security guard. Is the same as the standard bag. But has the largest carrying capacity of all. 

Woven basket- a makeshift basket that can be drafted to use as a suitable replacement to a backpack from woven fiber and a clover. It's acts like a standard backpack. But has less capacity. It's best for crafting to use in place of the standard pack for a short ranged outing.

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