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For each playthrough, I like to make a custom set of armor for the character I'm playing. I usually just replace a piece of clothing or armor that's seldom seen in-game for that. For example, last time I made a Kratos-esque set of armor for my fire godlike using a mix of plate armor, Aloth's armor, and scale armor.

But the time has come for a new playthrough, and thusly a new set of armor.
The way I go about it is similar to what's described in this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105849-tutorial-how-to-edit-assets-and-assetbundles/

But I'm running into problems finding a texture.
The process I use for that is
    -open items.unity3d with AssetbundleExtractor
    -search for the texture I need (for example, if I want the texture for M_HUM_CL20_Sash I search for 'CL20' and scroll down to the sash)
    -Copy the SInt64 m_PathID of the item, then go to it in UABE
    -Write down the SInt64 m_PathID from that, then again go to that in UABE
Then bang, I've got the texture.

Problem is, I need the texture for M_HUM_SC01_L3_Body_Shoulders... and I absolutely cannot figure out how to find it.
Using AssetBundleExtractor to search for SC01 in items.unity3d, shoulders don't show up in any of it. I've also searched for SC01L3, SC01_L3, just 'SC', and even individually searched the MonoAsset for every piece of armor. Still nowhere to be found.

So... anyone have any pointers on how I could find this dern texture?

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