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Can we have shields?

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Hi, I have been playing Grounded for awhile. I was wondering if its possible for shields to be introduced into the game. we already have a blocking mechanism in fights, but with a shield we can perhaps introduce it as an off-hand item that can be equipped with one handed weapons and assists blocking at the cost of attack speed or damage.

A shield-carrier can also have the penalty of having the daze effect of a block removed (this only procs if your block is well timed). which will encourage a more defensive play-style instead of the risk-reward system of the current counter-strike which requires a good sense of timing.

The very first type of shield can be perhaps a wickershield made from dry grass, grass chunks and woven fiber. and then we can move on to more advanced shields. like Acorn rounded shields, Lady Bug shields, Weed Stem tower shields, etc etc.

Different shields can also offer different effects, for instance there can be a shield that has a chance of shocking upon impact.

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