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Sticker Collectibles

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I would love to see more collectibles in the game to incentivise us to go out and explore every nook and cranny of the map. Specifically I would love to have some colletibles that we can show of in our bases, as our miniature homes are a little sparsely decorated at the moment and the best collectibles are ones that we can show of and brag about. I was thinking of what sort of collectible would work with the scale and era of the game, and I think that stickers that we can use as posters/wall art would be a great addition. I remember those 3d stickers you used to get in cereal boxes and such very well, and they shouldn't be to big, around the same size as the characters maybe, a fine fit for a wall section.

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i don't see how this would work in the game.  those stickers you mention would be huge for our characters,  we the size of ants, we stand like 10mm tall.  smallest sticker i ever remember getting from a cereal box was about 2 inches square, roughly 5 times our height.


I like where you're going though, what about weed stem carvings, like trophies or figurines we can find. 

for decorations we can do maybe a grass plank engraving that could be colored in with berry juice as paint.  Paintings would be cool,  plant fibers turned into canvas and berry juice could be red paint, aphid's honeydew for yellow, etc.

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The ones I used to have and was thinking of were dinosaur ones that were about 2cm long, which would cover a wall section nicely. Had a side of a dresser covered in them as a kid. But there were all kinds of stickers I guess. I would happy if any sort of collectible I can display in my home though.

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