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Friendly bugs?

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When I first started this game I saw a ladybug and in real life, theyre pretty much harmless and eat aphids that destroy your tomato plants.  I always thought they were friendly UNTIL I noticed some of the blueprints as I got more advanced required me to kill a ladybug for armor *GASP*  

How could you? 😜

Anyways, I think the introduction of friendly bugs or helper bugs would be different and know not everything in the ecosystem wants to eat/bite/sting you.  They would possibly be used as a mule?  

Here's another example of a friendly insect, a caterpillar that maybe you can use as a bus and stand on it then when it metamorphosis into a butterfly just maybe use that like a plane? 🥰  Also, a praying mantis is also known to be good or even a grasshopper.

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