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Base Building / Environment Ideas

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I’ve been playing the game for some time now and absolutely love it. However there are a few things i noticed and saw that would improve the game’s gameplay.

1. For starters the there should be a snap no snap setting within the game you can switch between.

2. A sort of water filter you can craft to drink pond water without hurting yourself.

3.Grass SHOULD NOT be able to grow through objects that have been built. I.e) floors, stairs, foundations, walls, etc. 

4. grass, weeds, and dandelions should have improved mechanics to their growth. Grass and weeds should grow in stages. First the small stem, then grows into full grass or weed. Also dandelion tufts should be able to be used as seeds to grow dandelions. This will allow for farms and mire potential for base building.

5. Lastly ziplines would be an awesome way to travel around the map from high to low spots. 

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