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Suggestion: Slingshot

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Cheaper alternatives to the Tier 1 bow.

The idea behind is that it could be used as a weak weapon, or a utility tool (to not have to throw pebblets at water drops or berries, ...)


Compared to the bow, Slingshots are:


  • Are cheaper.
  • Require pebblets as ammo, so you don't have to craft ammo for it.
  • Take down berries in one hit instead of two arrows.
  • Stun rate on hit?
  • Quicker drawback (even close to instant?).


  • Less durability.
  • Slightly less accurate.
  • Less damage.
  • Less range.
  • Only one tier available


Building requirements could be:
 2x Sprig, 1x Gnat Fuzz, 1x Woven Fiber


Just an idea I had, not sure how useful it would be.

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