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I was just wanting to share a few things that i felt would be cool to bring into the world and wasnt sure if this was the right place or not but here goes.

Telescope/Binoculars: i thought it would be cool to bring something like these in so if we're high enough up we could look just a little bit farth and scope out an area, and maybe do like a reference to bugs life and make them out of a leaf and a dew drop or maybe find actual glass somewhere to break it and combine it with clover leaf or like an ant head thats hollowed out.

Other Bugs: i was thinking maybe add in something like stick bugs or daddy long legs or praying mantises and water bugs that glide across the top of the pond or the swampy area. And roly polys as something similar to the lady bugs, but they roll around as an attack or maybe roll up into a ball and you can't hurt them unless your tools are tier 2 or sharp only.

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