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So today the game because unplayable.  I was picking up acorn tops and for some reason, they were each going into my inventory as stacks of 10.  If I try and drop the stack, it drops them but stays in my inventory.  If I try to add to a chest, it will either not more, or look like it moved yet still be in my inventory when I exit the chest.  If I try and delete, it doubles them, adding them from the lower right inventory square and going left, overwriting anything else I may have there.  So I have a full inventory and can't remove them!

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I saw this on Windows also just now.

I was resuming a save made under the previous game version. I had a pile of 10 acorn tops where I dumped a stack to make space previously in that save. As I picked them up one by one the UI was showing increments of 7 for my total. My inventory only actually showed the 10 in the end. Eventually the UI was stating I had 35 of 30 inventory slots used. Even though visually it appears that I have three slots empty looking at the inventory.

Release 01.2.2215

Windows 10

Game Pass subscription

Single player


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