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Bug: Lost all equipped armor/items



Right after I won a battle in the Drowned Barrows against some Scrivener Warlocks, my FPS suddenly dropped to single digits. I saved and quit. When I reload, my MC is in his underwear and all equipment except weapons and pet are gone. He also has active combat only buffs even though we're out of combat.

I suspect this happened because he was polymorphed with Form of the Helpless Beast at the moment we won the fight.

I can upload my Save file if anyone cares, but its over the max size limit.

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Edit: Realized it was the Warlocks who cast Helpless Beast
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I just had the same bug happen again. I'm in the Beast of Winter DLC temple fighting some Pilgrim Hierophants when they cast Form of the Helpless Beast on my main character. After combat was over, my main character had no weapons, no armor, and combat only buffs/debuffs stayed active. Its clear that polymorph is bugged.

Like last time, I'll restart. Now that Obsidian has Microsoft's backing, I wish you would think about supporting this game again.

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