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Bugs and Glitches I encountered while playing Grounded

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Grounded Tips:


Berries are really glitchy in multiplayer. When I try to harvest berries when in another person's session, the physics of the berry come up with different results for each person. When the game tells me that the berry landed on the branch, the game told the host that the same berry landed on the floor. When I try to hit the berry I see, it doesn't do anything and interacts with it poorly. I can even hit where the host sees the berry and harvest it (while hitting the air on my screen).

A lot of things do not respawn in this game. Acorns never respawn, spiders rarely ever respawn. If I go out to look for a wolf spider, I will be lucky if I actually find one anymore. Lady bugs do not respawn. Water droplets on the grass do not respawn

If you get poisoned by a stink bug, sometimes the visual effect does not go away until you die

Armor is annoying to equip; have a separate slot for armor that can auto equip when picking up your stuff


Dew collectors stop collecting dew

Swimming is very glitchy, it would show that I'm still underwater while I'm considered above water and swimming on the surface. You can't interact with things underwater either

There are only a select amount of areas to get back on land when swimming. Make it easier to get out of the water

When you first meet BURG.L, everyone can hear his dialogue, even when you ask him questions. Story Dialogue shouldnt be worldwide. I shouldn't be able to see the subtitles of Pete pulling out a torch at the Oak Tree when I am all the way at the bird feeder. If I load up a save and walk to spawn, my characters dialogue will restart. I also see repeat tapes and collectibles in the map if I load it up again. I saw BURG.L's first upgrade chip right next to him even though I had researched all the items it gave me (the chip did nothing, and other chips replay the dialogue that I have already heard)

All mallets have a weird running animation. It seems too close to your face compared to other weapons

The Bow and Arrow's animation of shooting is completely destroyed. When you shoot, you only see the bow and a weirdly placed arrow (hard to explain, the animation is broken)

Health regen on insects is way too fast. As soon as it de-agros, it regenerates health extremely quickly

Missions to find points on the map and put down markers seem too difficult. Some of the areas are extremely hard to find. I only started knowing where they would be after seeing the map and remembering all the unique landmarks. Those missions are too difficult for new players who aren't familiar with the map

If you are falling and you use a tuft at the last second, you take no fall damage

You can lose health from hunger and thirst but you can never die from it which doesn't make sense

Clovers are really glitchy when trying to run through them. I get stuck often when I do that

Interactions between players and items that are on the ground seem off. Items especially like the grass plank are really glitchy when you stand on them

The trampoline has a hit box that goes underneath the ground a little bit. If it is on the ceiling, I can walk under it and get pushed around

Sometimes the chest doesn't let anyone use it, forcing us to break it and make a new one

Food and water seem unbalanced. It is a lot easier to get food compared to fresh water. I end up drinking dirty water, until it goes to max and then eating an aphid and getting full hunger completely getting rid of the downside of dirty water


When I changed some of the keybinds, the game doesn't react to it properly. When I changed throw to MB4, the game made the keybind go off of the correct area for it. When I changed the keybind of the hot bar, the visuals still show the 1-8 hot bar when I had switched 6 to Z, 7 to X, and 8 to C (The numbers don't update).

When my game crashes, my settings reset

My hotbar configuration always messes up when I pick up my stuff again. It doesn't seem to lock into the slots. 


If friends game messes up while I am joining, it will infinitely join; there is no timeout feature that puts me back in the menu if I fail to connect

Lack of boss-type monsters. I explore a cave and nothing huge meets me, just some larvae or ants. Same with the spiders and the tree, you go in and kill them 1 by 1 

Near the house, there is a cable that goes from the wall into the hedges. I follow it into the hedges and it completely cuts off, disappearing in the middle of the hedges.



I would like to talk to the GENIUS who put that picture behind the shack outside of the map. When I walked through the shack, I was blessed with an amazing masterpiece 

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Also, ants sometimes hold apple bits in their mouths, but I have not found a way to get it regularly

The MintBox has a really bad hit box. I can only hit the first mint when looking at a specific angle. The entrance's hitbox is too big for how it looks.

Juice Boxes sometimes glitch out when it produces too much water; this makes the water disappear and stop producing as well.

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