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Please NO Caterpillars Please

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As you can tell from the title that I have a phobia\fear of caterpillars. I wanna beg Obsidian not to add them to the game or if they do Please add the slider used for the Arachnophobia. I know it sounds selfish to ask Obsidian to add a slider for my particular phobia but I want to keep playing this amazing game and spent money on it. I have no clue why I dislike them so much. I can't even look at them in pictures, I just start to feel my skin crawl. No clue why I feel this way, no other creature's big or small make me feel like that. That's all I have to say, thanks for reading. 

I want to thank Obsidian for this amazing game. 

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I work at an invertebrate zoo with a butterfly room and I can confirm butterfly phobia is very real. I enjoy them, but some people do have trouble with worm-like creatures and butterflies!

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