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Lost all inventory on crash

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I lost all my inventory on a crash.
Just running through the gras and got a hard crash.
After loading into the game I spawned at the start location with nothing on me and all tutorial quests popped up again.
Really annoying, because I had alot expensive stuff on me.
Can tell you anymore, becaus I didn't press any buttons or did anything special to recreate this error.
Looking for backpacks was not successful. :(

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Hey Ixdiamond.
Might be a bit late for you now, but next time this happens, try loading a previous autosave. Unless you have changed your settings, they are only 5 minutes apart so the most you would lose was 5 minutes progress.

My Son crashed in the game i was Hosting a couple of times the other day and when he rejoined he had nothing in his inventory so i quit out and reloaded our game from the previous autosave and all was well.

Not a perfect long-term solution but it's a way to keep playing until it's patched.

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