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Dew Collector, Mushroom Garden not working for you?

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I've spent the last 40ish days in game with a non functioning Dew Collector and Mushroom Garden. This is how

I spend my beginning of the days drinking dirty water (I live next to the pond) then I go out and kill Weevils, or Gnats sometimes Grubs and I put them on the Jerky Rack. I try to get at least 3 at a time so I have a decent amount of food to go off and replenish after drinking the dirty water. I also collect as many mushrooms as possible while running around doing missions for B.U.R.G.L as well as hunting Lady Bugs and Wolf Spiders to stock up on parts


This is really just my workaround I just wanted to share with people who might've given up hope for the game because of a few small bugs while its still in its earliest stages. Its not impossible to survive, it just adds a couple extra routines to the game.

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