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100+ hours spent in the backyard ( bugs ive encountered )

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First and for most I absolutely love this game, and yes I know its early access. During the now 107 hours in game, and over 8 different restarts this is the issues ive ran into consistently. I've built my base in the same location ( top of Baseball ), the EXACT same way every time to attempt to replicate issues.. Gameplay is on Xbox one X

Base building:

( base has over 400 weed stems give or take 120 grass planks, 80 clay etc.. Its huge )

- In 3 seperate games the simple act of recycling a sconce caused the whole base to spontaneously deconstruct, scaffolding,walls,floors etc.

- Glow stalks stop working after 2 in game days or on reload save.

- get hung up on roof tiles ( invisible walls ) recycling them fixes issue for a time, but they will come back. 

- Sap sconce shows the flame but no light emits from it

- Sap sconce glare during foggy times causes bad visual issues. Everything blurs cant see surroundings. ( could be as intended? )

- Dew catcher, shooting arrows at dew drops causes the droplet to disappear and catcher to stop working ( replicated multiple times )

- Dew catcher, if building high up and grass stalks respawn, if the grass crosses paths with the dew catcher again it stops collecting even if grass is cleared away.

- Armor stands, Lady bug armor after game reload disappears. ( replicated over each new game )

- Armor stands, this is more of a personal taste, hard to tell at first which way its facing. Maybe needs an arrow like the walls to show direction?

- Weapon racks, Randomly weapons disappear during gameplay and reloads 

- Stem/grass holder, after 2 or more are built of the same type, when recycling 1, game sometimes crashes ( replicated ) at random times. ( 3 out of 10 reloads )

- GNAT of DOOM, Gnat got trapped in my walled/roofed base.. It finally escaped by bumping into the wall repeatedly and again spontaneously disassembled my whole base.  (Hilariously replicated )


- In 5 new game played between days 10 and 20 water droplets fail to ever respawn, Not on grass blades or dew catcher. 

- After yesterdays patch game files past day 15. materials like acorns, flower petals and weeds no longer respawn ( waited 10 in game days still nothing )

*EDIT* I can safely replicate water droplet bug, Repeated save reloads can break material and water spawns ( did this 3 games in a row day 1 after 10 reloads one after another.) No more droplets from grass blades and full acorns wont respawn ( only tops??)

- Canteens, after filling the canteen+ if switching to normal canteen it shows having 4 fills, if you try to drink from it game crashes out right.

- Canteens, even tho you may have 2 on you at once only 1 can be filled and used.

- Bows, both sprig and insect gets a weird visual bug where the bow is bent around you, still useable but vision is obscured. (in multiplayer only )

- Inventory screen, characters sometimes appear bent backwards at a 90 degree angle ( hilariously scary )

- smoothie center, after placing an item (eg. Mushroom) in each, if you add more to 1 slot then make smoothie the items beyond the 1 all disappear. Eg. (9/1/1.) Happens still if you stack enough to build multiples at once. 5/7/6 you will receive 5 smoothies but the other 3 remaining items poof out of existence. ( easily replicated )

- Dandelion tufts, after enough are left on the ground after cutting down a stalk, the game slows down badly and or crashes once something hits them and they go bouncing. (unsure of exact number )

- Dandelion tufts, Occasionally after getting stuck on world objects if you let go of the tuft you fall through the environment. Although your in the void in multiplayer on friends screen your standing on the ground. If you give up your back pack will fall through and be lost forever, but on respawning at leen-to you will fall through environment again.

- Insects, get stuck alot in objects like boulders and cans etc.

- Bombadier beetle, Beetles trapped in objects will constantly shoot acid at you way beyond their normal shooting reach. Happens alot near giant boulder under the head of the rake. (Randomly replicated)

- Insects, On multiple occasion after harvesting the insects parts, that insect instantly respawns at location ( wolf spider scared the begeesus out of me ) respawning insects also have spawn shields ( very rude ) and cannot be damaged (replicated randomly, I have 13 wolf spiders that cant be hurt send help)


There is more i've ran into but am unsure if it was user error ( me trying to break things on seperate file ) if I can replicate it i'll update this post

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