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Ive had a few bugs with the game, but PLEASE FIX enemies spawning inside of my base. sometimes its a couple soldier ants, sometimes its a horde of larvae.  It is single-handedly the most frustrating and broken thing about the game and after 30 hours, its almost bad enough to make me not want to recommend the game, in spite of how much fun the game is.

a Second bug i had was when a i was shooting a spider and it picked up one of the arrows in it's mouth, which then became an arrow that was bigger than the spider, and when it dropped it, the arrow was still several times larger than the player. I was still able to pick it up though, it was just a funny aesthetic glitch.

I found the picture in the shack. Thanks for continuing to imporve this game, it has the potential to be one of the best games ever.


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