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some suggestions.. custom construction and time limits

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Gameplay Suggestions

1. the ability to choose my respawn/lean-to on death from map..... few different times I've had to walk all the way across map to retrieve my bag.

2. also I think a time limit on common items on ground is needed .. main one for me being "plant fiber" ... after like 1 in-game day let it disappear... found myself many times going around and trashing 100's of them to declutter the ground..

Construction / Crafting Suggestions

1. roof clipping .... on more complex structures it would be nice to be able to join two perpendicular roofs...... say one roof is already built and the perpendicular one is being put up... as soon as the blueprint reaches the already built one it turns red... it would be nice if on the blueprint that turns red - it would snap to it and and anything on the inside of the already built roof would be red and on the outside of the roof would be blue and placeable........ and on the flip-side of that on the inside of the roof you could place wall against the roof and only the inside portion would be built... hopefully someone understands what I'm trying to say here...

2. custom wall and floor placement..... plus where is the stem floor? we have stem wall but no floor....... when choosing walls or floors it would be nice to have the ability to toggle custom and automatic placment .... we can be as creative as we want with the first piece but after that we are limited with what direction we can go... unless I'm just overlooking the how to..

3. toggle how many blades of grass/stems are in walls and floors.... the ability to place down a single piece or up to 20 or so at a time... instead of the only option being 4...

4. I think " ladders/ropes" would be very useful.

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