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Console Controller Optimizations

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Hi, the hotbar on xbox is really bad, can’t you just kinda steal the way the hot bar works from Ark? Surely they can’t lay claim to that. I forget how the hot bar works in Conan Exiles, but it isn’t bad in that either, perhaps it is the same as Ark. Also, the only quick thing in terms of inventory management is “Take All” with no quick deposit options, either deposit one by one, or stack by stack but with added button presses. I would greatly appreciate some “Deposit All” or “Deposit Stacks” and maybe give us a way to favorite tools or gear so they don’t get deposited with that option. Lastly, more of a request than a suggestion, please either make items that are equipped armor and on the hot bar not take up inventory space, or give armor and each tool it’s own slot in the inventory, not in the main inventory, or both. 
PS if you could make armor automatically re-equip on bag retrieval, that would also be pretty nice.

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