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11 hours game feedback

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First off im gonna lead by talking about Wolf Spiders. At points during my play they made the game nigh unplayable and had this occured during my first hour or so of gameplay I would have refunded the game. I have no idea what their behavior is supposed to be but I had one kill me repeatedly and stay near my base for the whole day. Their attack range is also absolutely absurd. I had assumed they were a nocturnal enemy in the game since they usually seem to go to their dens and hide until nighttime or until disturbed by the player. Several instances this has not been so. 

Ants- These guys are cool but can we fix them being able to raid my storage no matter how high off the ground it is?

Im not sure if I have missed it but a hotkey to quick move stacks of items from storage to your inventory and vice versa would be amazing.

Overall the game feels good and has great potential, however it doesnt feel very natural. The spiders dont seem to prey upon any creatures other than the player. This is kind of stupid.

Again not sure if I havent found it yet but something to increase iventory space would be great as well. At least in minecraft equipped items and gear on your bar didnt count against your backpack space. Going out with only 7-9 slots open because of your gear kind of sucks.

Spider webs dont release you if you destroy it, you still remain stuck.

If you kill an aphid up on a grass stalk he stays stuck there even if you chop down the stalk.

This is all I can think of at this time. Thank you.


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