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I'm truly having fun in Grounded and can't put it down at the moment.
Throughout the past few days I noticed a few things I would like to give feedback on.

- I'm loving the jump mechanics, please don't change anything. 

- The building got me carried away and I would love to see more pieces, ie inverted corners, half fences for balconies, hanging lights, pillars, etc.

- Craftable option for the pollen. For example a beehive or a fly lure to get these pesky gnats away.

- The big rock in the Flooded Zone and the rocks along the Pond have insects get stuck inside them and are able to attack you from inside, esp with the FZ rock. 

- Ladybugs get way too distracted by those cute little green things. They're all underneath the Pond rocks and ladybugs chase them, even without visibility. Ladybugs then sometimes seem to get stuck inside those rocks or ever dive into water, struggling to get back onto shore. I have noticed these things can easily divert them from their path.

- Right now it's nearly 11pm. However, my game saves show as 3pm.
This has happened after I had to revert to a much earlier save because the Oak Lab's door were closed.

As end note, I really like the routes of insects in proximity to farmable materials and great base locations.
They really make you look twice before you run off to chop down some grass.

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