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General Feedback + Larva Feedback

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Big fan of many aspects of this game -- charming art design, great concept, and I really like that the story so far has been clear and easy to follow unlike other survival games I've played. 

Alas, the spiders and larva feel extremely unbalanced at the moment and kill the fun for me. I'm playing on medium difficulty and even with armor, larva take off a third of my health in a single hit and as we all know, larva like to come in swarms of a dozen+. This becomes extremely unfun when they spawn camp you and your base becomes a prison, and the only gameplay mechanic is trying to escape your spawn point without being killed. 

This might all be fine if it was in a higher level zone where high risk play comes with high rewards, but it's literally right next to the starting area. I'm at ten in-game days and I'm being constantly swarmed by larva who are hell-bent on destroying my base and anything I built in or around it. I can't go long enough without a swarm attacking to actually build defenses. 

Spiders too have become overwhelming. What feels like an end-game monster can be encountered in a swarm within five minutes of starting. I keep trying to build trail markers to mark resources and research stations and a spider will immediately show up and destroy the marker, and then me. I'm currently trapped inside


the lab

by two spiders who are at the entrance.  Because of their speed and damage, the only way to kill them solo at the moment is by using cheesy tactics like hiding in a can and stabbing their legs as they clip through. Personally, that doesn't feel like it does them justice.

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