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Ladies and Gents.

First thankyou for all your hard work so far, you have produced a gem. Understandable that grounded is in early access but even so it is still FAR better than other survival games that were at similar stage.

My tupence worth.

1. Content content content ! The coninuing problem with most survival games is keeping the interest and not just a grind.. please continue to expand the already intriguing story line and the excellent enviromental effects.. (Really like this aspect).

2. Without knowing your dreams for the future i can only advise on what i know from survival games, but dont recreate Ark, this game has too much potential for that eg NO PVP, let the community use its imagination on builds etc.

3. Allow further expansion of tribes allowing trade or territory expansion through missions etc. Multiple tribes on one map.

4. Continuing point 1. Lots of building items and decor, wether you choose this side to be micro transactions or holiday events for example, i expect would be supported by your ever expanding community.

5. I have a 101 ideas for content and development and couldnt put it all down here. Please feel free to contact me if interested. Please please please follow your dream for this and dont break from it, this is your dream to make come true.

Keep up the great work

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