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Co-op map share possible?..

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Hi, I was wondering about a feature for co-op if it's even possible or not. Currently co-op is only really one sided, like I can start a map and someone can join me, I can then also play that same map single player but the other person can't, unless I'm missing something and it is possible. So, anyway, I'm wondering if it's even possible to have a map share feature where you can have 2 people or 3 or 4 people share a map no matter who loads it first. So any one person sharing that map can load it up at any time and of course once it's loaded, the others will have to join to play that map. You can only load it with one person, but the point is that any of the people sharing the map can load and play it, even by themselves. I guess the way I'm thinking about it is through cloud saving, another person can load your map, if shared with said person.

Anyway guys, thank you, awesome game!.

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