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storage bug/armor bee bug

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hey Cyro! The dev team would like to follow up regarding the Bee Armor issue for Grounded after Patch 0.2.0.

Are you still experiencing this issue after the update? If yes, we'd like to request additional information from you to help resolve the issue to improve your gameplay experience. Could you confirm the following information for the dev team?:

1. Is this multiplayer mode or singleplayer mode?

2. What is the build number for the issue? Does the issue persist in build 0.2.0?

3. Is your copy of Grounded from Steam, the Microsoft Store, or Xbox Game Pass? We'd like to know if the issue is on PC or Xbox.

4. If Xbox, which console model? If Xbox, which console model? Could you provide us your gamertag for the team to investigate from the Xbox Support end?

5. If PC, could you provide us your save file that has the issue? Here's how to grab the save file:

C:\Users[USERNAME]\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10

C:\Users[USERNAME]\Saved Games\Grounded

Send to: support@obsidian.net

If you have any additional comments or concerns, please let us know. Thank you for playing Grounded and we look forward to hearing from you soon! 🐞

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