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Thank you Devs for this gem.

I have been playing this game since it was able to allow me to play (despite the occasional hard resets to get it to work, but i know in time it will be better later on) I am imensly enjoying what is currently going on game wise, i have gotten to the point of multi bases, high tierd armor etc etc etc. Its refreshing to not have every life form in the game to kill me, but a few things to point out maybe, but im sure it will be fixed later on.
1. i like the current system that is implamented in the game as far as aggro range, if they see you/you see them. many of times i stumbled into a spot full of nope (the wolf spider sleeping under a trio of leaves)
2. at times while im doing something or going to attack a critter, a few times i will throw the damn weapon... thank you who ever decided to give the option to throw items/weapons that you have currently equipped, yes you, i have cursed it many of times while i accidently threw my bow...
3. please, please, please, if possible and i know it is possible, but finding the critter (looking at you wolf spiders) that had killed the player just to have its life at full, and the same of attacking an orb weaver just to go back to sleep and gain back its health, very frustrating. I was at the oak tree, shooting arrows at a sleeping spoder, it woke up ran around, got it to 1/3 health for it to go to sleep and bam, full health many times.
4. the spiderlings are nice, add those bigger jumping spoders, that i feel would be awesomes
5. lady bugs going after aphids, since they eat them in rl
6. it might happen, depending on where in the world setting for the game, rain, snow, wind etc elements, would add much more to the game, or even perhaps certain areas would be more bug proned, example "aphids go more for flower type plants, thus more aphids there, along with more lady bugs, and a few more predator type critters.
7. keep up the work, this game is a nice change of pace where you gain no exp, and by adventuring lets you unlock stuff.

8. quartzite, a bit more than that is currently in the game,

9. the references are great, i noticed them immeditley when i stumbled across them
yes thanks Obsidian and devs for this nice relaxing jem that makes me curse at times when things go sideways (wolf spoders show up) 

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