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Steam Version, 37 hours played, loving the game, here's some thoughts.

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2 of my trail markers disappeared once. The icons, not the structures, and only those 2 of 4 I'd placed. I had to click them and they reactivated. 

I would like to rebind "G" to "F", but couldn't find that in the key-bind menu.

I don't know, and can't seem to find out (in game) what hot crafting is. What is it? Where in game do I look to find out.

A wolf spider got stuck just outside the mysterious machine area in a clump of grass stalks. I got close and it was indeed stuck there, right up until I got just a little closer. That's when it jumped free and killed me. 

Building has been... interesting. I had to "glitch" place a few things to make them work. The structure oscillates rapidly between points it could snap to, and if I time it right, I can fit a piece where it shouldn't go. I don't know what you'd do about that, but I'd suggest softening the boundary of objects during building. That way, players wouldn't have to glitch it in, or work too far around it to please their aesthetic.

Arrows fall through clay, I guess maybe they roll into it from the side.   

I keep getting "can't mix different liquids" error when trying to slurp from a water container, no matter what is in my canteen.

Ants got into my stuff without being able to reach my stuff. I placed it all very high up on that twig/leaf/rock formation just northeast of the mysterious machine. The ants stood on the rock and were able to rummage my stuff, despite it being tens of centimetres higher than they could reach bodily. This is bad. If I have absolutely NO way to defend my stuff, and theft events just happen, then what is the point of defenses, or thinking... The logic is so broken that I had to stop playing for the most part until this is fixed. 

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This is the basics of hot crafting.


In this example we are going to build a storage basket. We still need woven fiber. Instead of switching to the materials tab we can make it here using Hot Crafting.


First we look at the symbol (1) on the woven fiber.

Then we look at the legend (2) and it will explain what the symbol means.

In this case the symbol shows that we have the things we need to Hot Craft a woven fiber and we can press the Hot Craft Ingredient button (3).  It will only craft one batch at a time. (i.e.making a batch of woven fiber produces one and a batch of arrows produces ten.)

It wants us to make three woven fiber. Let's say we only have enough materials to make one. As soon as I craft the first the symbol (1) will change to show that we are missing some ingredients.

When I gather the needed materials the symbol (1) will again change to show that I can continue hot crafting the woven fiber.


Let me know if anything needs clarifying. I am working on a more detailed explanation that will have it's own topic and any feedback will help make it better.




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