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Amazing game

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Good afternoon

Thanks for this amazing game I love it. And over 1 mil downloads in 48 hours is fantastic

I would love to see this game reach its full potential and hope to see constant updates and more maps over time. 

So here is my feedback 

Please add fast travel between camps

And also add a system to carry more planks at a time.

Backpacks would be great to have of you want to move your camp and if you going resource Hunting. 

Caractor customization would be awsem aswell. 

I love the waypoint functionality but it's very buged. It disappears every now and then on the map and when you want to add it back on the map screen the game crashes every time. Would be great to set a waypoint on the map and then being able to have an arrow or trail to show you the way. 

Being able to tame and ride Insects would be amazing 

Please add more insect types to the game. 

Otherwise thanks for the hard work hope to see the full release soon. 




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