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Some feedback..my now dead game.

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I don't really know where to start here.. so this will be mostly random. Sorry for those expecting a more professional post.

First some facts, although I don't have them in order to do proper troubleshooting.  

I am playing on PC, but using the game pass system, so not a steam purchase/run game.  I have had.. a terrible amount of crashes and problems.  I didn't even know Raw Science could be picked up in the world until recently, meanwhile day 40+ in game has passed.  My game play has come to an end as I cannot progress.  I don't mean due to lack of content, but because of serious issues with game mechanics/flaws/bugs.

- I need ladybug parts. But there are 0 ladybugs in my world.   I've run all over, looked up videos on where people find them, and haven't seen one in probably 30 game days.

- Larvae are swarming.  I managed to go kill some 30+ and raid the hole near the Spade Gulch thinking this would help quell them - but it hasn't. (btw, I have killed 0 ants.)

- Speaking of ants. No worker ants exist, anywhere, that I can find.  A TON of soldier ants, literally everywhere, but no workers.  The ant hill is full of soldiers, I have a screen capture with 13+ stuck in one spot.

- there have been 0 ant eggs. I have checked daily for over 10 in game days. (this may be related to the crazy amount of Soldiers in my world, as only Soldiers exist)

- Spiders. There need to be fewer spiders. By this I have been in areas where 4 Orb Weavers and a Wolf Spider are all around me, and there is no way to battle this. Since I also have no ladybugs, I have no tank defense, can't get better gear/weapons, etc. I really wish killing a spider was some sort of benefit.  Like - after killing an orb spider it takes 2 in game days for that one to respawn. Make it take a little bit longer for the wolf spiders.

-grass growth.  I really wish 'breaking the root' (the stump leftover after harvesting) would prevent grass regrowth. Clearing a large area around key points is basic strategy to see and either avoid, or deal with, dangers.

-foundation health.  it needs to be improved, larvae seem to tear through my clay foundations in less than 5 hits. constantly having to repair is also annoying due to:

- repair tool needs to be "E" (or activate) to use, and HOLD to repair, not swing it repeatedly like a weapon.

- lights, sconces, etc need a "hold E" to snuff

- chopping grass (to get fiber parts) should put the fiber in your inventory unless your full. Same with breaking pebbles and clay.  The excessive amount of 'resource explosions' tends to get annoying.

- we need an expanded inventory system -or- allow out hotbars to be another row of inventory, allowing that much more space.

- items need to stack in larger amounts. double would be a nice start for testing.

- spider fang weapon should have improved durability since it's damage is so low. (by the time you kill just a few things you need to repair, and it takes 3q to do)

- every insect seem to be spawning and getting stuck. in rocks, in roots, in grass, in nothing at all.

- bomb. beetles and spiders are too quick to retreat. Using ranged tactics is less and less effective- this would be less an issue if arrows did more damage (needing less "pre damage" before battling)

- Health Is returning to enemies much too quickly.  I know the basis is to prevent 'exploitative mechanics' - but the best strategy would literally be to get up high and shoot things. Having things instant-heal the moment they walk too far away or time passes. (this strategy is literally shown on the loading screen where the teens are on a leaf using a bow against a spider)  They need to have a much slower (say % over each second not in combat, healing completely in 30 seconds?) recovery system instead of 'no longer in aggro- reset stats'

- poison weapons in general seem completely worthless. I get the general idea, but the poison damage seems so minimal that we are just better off  using another weapon all together. IT's still not known (to me) if every hit is poison, or if only random hits are, or if once the psn starts - the damage stacks or not from more psn hits. (changing hp bar color to green, or indicating Damage over Time would help)

-lighting seems to cause issues in bases. I believe the solution requires better light sources. Increased light radius of the various light furniture would allow us to place fewer of them, and having fewer seems to help the problems.

- building needs to allow parts to snap to one another, in particular the triangle wall on top of regular wall.  While it normally seems like this would work, if you rotate your wall on a angle - the triangle wall will not snap to the top to place in line. Rotating the triangle wall only snaps to 4 positions as well, and none line up with the angled wall.  There are numerous places where building is glitchy and anger-inducing.

-pallets should hold more. There really isn't a reason with how much grass we use, that a single pallet (which can't be moved when placed) can't be stacked as high as 1 wall.

- after chopping down grass,  dew will still form in the air (on nothing) in places.

- sap harvester should hold more than 1 sap if left alone to generate. half a stack seems reasonable. (if using the values now, that means 5, if you increase stack sizes from previous suggestion/hope- it would be more)

- arrows, after fired, need to be easier to pick up.  Maybe a "hold E" to pick up a group around you, or just walk over them.

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A new game was started (so I could see those lovely R.S. orbs) and now I have a new problem... repair tools - do not repair, at all.    In this I chose to lower the difficulty, because playing 'again' on the same seemed insane.   I also wanted to see changes hands on. 

- this game also has ant problem  of no eggs, but the workers have been spotted - attacking a aphid that spawned inside terrain (and thus, is immortal and the ants won't leave the area)

Other than that - nothing seems 'broken'.  Sure still have the normal game issues that need fixed, but no new additions.


Are the repair tool bug and Raw Science related? I don't know.. just something I noticed and wanted to report.

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