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 Here are some of my suggestions I would love to see implemented in the game:

1. Coop needs to be better. I play with my friend and its on my save data whenever he wants to play on his own he can't play on the save file he has put hours into. Maybe implement a shared save file that we both can go in and out of. 

2. Insect taming I think would be a really cool feature. Obviously the larger the insect the harder it is to tame could work on like a chance basis and certain held items can increase your chances of taming it so for example to tame a wolf spider would be a 1 in 1000 chance but if you are in full spider armour holding spider venom, spider chunks and spider fang it's like 1 in 200 chance to tame it and it can help you fight other creatures. 

3. A mobile pallet or sort of cart to load wood stems and grass planks on. Even with the full ant armour going back and fourth to get stems and planks is quite tedious I think it would be cool to have a mobile cart you can load so you can take way more in one trip to gather things

4. Better enemy AI. Alot of the time you can kill many of the big insects because they get stuck on objects and you can just pepper them with arrows. A better AI would make things alot more terrifying and have insects be able to walk up walls and other stuff, it would make me so much more scared of the wolf spiders if they can just climb on things. 

5. Days need to be longer and you should be able to go to sleep whenever you like and be able to set how long you sleep for. 

6. Please in the full release have other animals and not just insects. How insane would it to see like a mouse or squirrel running about! I'd have them nearly impossible to kill as they'd be so big but implementing the taming idea having you and your friends and a load of insects try and take down a huge Rat would be so fun.

  Let me know what you guys think of my ideas :) 

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