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Suggestions, Tweaks, and Ideas for the future!

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Thank you lord for the devs at Obsidian! In a world of year-long delays, half-finished "full releases", and a game release landscape that is barren as a brick, Obsidian continues to pump out innovative, exciting, and quality games time and time again.. Thank you guys, keep doing awesome stuff.

SO! Here's my list of things that could be added, tweaked, or changed.. sorry if there are any repeats from other posts, my girlfriend and I have sunk an unnatural amount of time into this game, and are super excited to watch it grow. (Disclaimer: Yes I realize this is early access, am totally happy with the amount of content available now, and am just throwing my ideas out there)

Ideas to Add:

- Rideable bugs! Coming from an ark background, i love the idea of riding a speedy soldier ant gallivanting around the yard, or flying around the map on my tamed bee or horse fly to get to high and hard to reach places. Taming and breeding in ark is a solid third of what I loved to spend my time doing.

- Big (4 person) bosses! A squirrel in a hole in the tree, a big angry centipede underground, ect. Big fights that require you to team up with friends and farm the best armor and weapons, with loot to match the difficulty of the task

- Underwater Adventures! I know that Frisbee in the pond is hiding something! Give me a moss mask that lets me breathe down there so I can explore and find underwater caverns and loot.

- More builds! I LOVE the way building works, the lack of foundation requirement makes for some super creative builds and being able to map it out before building fixes 90% of the genres issues with things not placing correctly. Would love to see more intricate building options, giving more customization to my grass castle.

- More ways to traverse! I find the dandelion glider really helpful, but would like a glider that makes traversal a bit faster, such as a leaf hang glider or a woven fiber grappling hook.


Little Tweaks:

- Make it so if I'm holding logs or grass I cant deploy my glider. The number of times I accidently double press jump and throw all my sticks everywhere is both embarrassing and painful.

- The depth of field blur. Please no. I totally get that they are trying to make you feel like you're tiny by making the backdrop blurry, but i spend most of my time getting a low grade headache trying to see something more than 100 yards away. Maybe don't remove it entirely, but it could definitely be toned down.

- A bit more variety in weapons would be cool, I'm sure its on the way, but right now its really only 2-3 weapons that actually slay, and makes for combat being a bit unvaried.


Ideas for the Future:

As far as adding content, I'm super excited with the potential of this game, in that it is pretty much endless. My biggest idea is when they are at a good place content wise all they have to do is add another yard or let us in the house. The neighbors yard could be completely different, with new biomes, new animals and bugs, and new quests and unique loot. Allowing us to sneak into the house would be amazing, and then the crawl space or the basement could be full of big spooky baddies and the best raids and loot in the game.

Going to post this both on reddit and the obsidian forums, feel free to comment things you think would add to the game, and if you enjoyed the post please upvote and get this to the eyes of some developers. Thank you Obsidian for continuing to produce quality games, especially in a gaming market that's been starving for quality.



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On 8/3/2020 at 4:43 AM, iLi Mr Fox iLi said:

grappling hook.

That would be great. There is place with spiderlings, I fallen into the hole and could not get out of there, so I have to give up and to bring grass planks to make improvised bridge.

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