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Few bugs I’ve noticed

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I love the new game grounded. I’m playing it on Xbox game pass. However I dislike the feedback function. It only asks how I feel and lists a few generic problems. It has no option of putting in exactly what’s wrong. I’m not having any technical difficulties but I do want to point out a few “bugs” I’ve noticed while playing the game for the last few days. 

One issue is with the inventory and storage chest. When trying to switch an item or stack of items with the same item, the count messes up. Example: I have a stack of 10 mushrooms and a stack of 3 mushrooms. If I switch places with them both stacks will say 3 unless I withdraw some out and deposit back. The actual mushrooms don’t disappear but the count is wrong. I am very organized so this bothers me quite a bit and causes much time wasted moving stacks around. 

My second issue is a much larger problem. It has occurred more than 3 times. I can place the trail markers and see them just find from regular play mode. However they do not appear in map mode. I have tried “Trail & Backpack markers hidden and shown” neither way makes them show up on the map. I see an option to scroll between them on the map (like I can with the Sites and Field Stations) but they don’t show up and they don’t show how many I’ve placed. Also when I try to click “Trail Markers” from the map it causes my game to crash. This would be a lot of help if the trail markers worked the same as the other sites on the map. Also a mini map would be great but not necessary. 

Overall I enjoy this game and I know early access has some bugs but I wanted to bring this to someone’s attention. I think this game has tons of potential and could really be awesome. I hope these issues will be fixed in a future update. Thank you.


Edit: I forgot to mention I’m playing in Single Player mode. I’m not sure if these bugs also occur in multiplayer as I’ve yet to test it. 

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