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Character Inventory Load Save Corruption

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I have Played a lot of Betas in the Past so this Issue is Not a First for me 

I have been Keeping a Large List of World saves , so i can Navigate my way Thru Grounded Early Release 

The First Big major Bug i have Run into is the World Save Loaded Fine , everything that i was working on before Bed is intact 

However it looks Like my inventory was Loaded From an Older save

So i went to my Save List to Load a Save with my CUrrent Tools , and you can even See my Mint Hammer in the Save screenshot ... ye Nope those Save Files are now COrrupt and the game will not Load them 😄 

So , for me i just need to Do some work and get my Tools back , and its nice to see that all my Build Progress was not lost, 

But what this dose Mean ! is now there is 5 Less Mint Ore in the Game! , you get a Base of 20 and that limited supply is now down to 15. GASP! if this is a Repeating issue then my World save could Technically Run out of Mint ore ;)  


As a Bonus ! here are some Screenshots of Massive Arrows From killing an infected Boi with Arrows 


And some Dev Lasiness 😄 


Please Add Bottom Textures 😛 

Love the Game so Far! Keep up the Hard work! we have a Long Road Ahead of us Before this Game is Done ! but we can DO IT! 


And also I guess with this Bug i Duped my Old Armor LOL ! 



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