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I recently bought the game, and I love it! It’s definitely a great buy, and I am looking forward to see what comes next!


My One Request:

I really hope more of an RPG feel is considered. I would love to be able to tank for a group of friends better than it seems right now, or be able to sit back and heal a tank from a distance with some kind of arrow syringes or something! 

i love the blocking in the game, and maybe I have not made it far enough in the game but If my end game gear could be a big shield and sword with heavy lady bug gear? And my friends could have lighter gear that allows them to do more range damage or quicker double weapon damage or something? 


for example:

not spell casting magic stuff, but realistic field medic type, big bulky armor that pulls enemies in to you with maybe a shield that attracts enemies, more gear to influence some players to wanna play as rangers(give range damage buffs, speed buffs, less defensive stats ect), maybe a stealthy gear set that allows you to sneak up on stuff easier(almost like a ghillie suit?) 

just food for thought and an aspect I would love to see added. 

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That could be interesting, I know there are already buffs like ant armor increasing you carry capacity and acorn armor increasing your health. but I do think it would be a great idea to be able to craft different styes of gear based on how you like to play. I second this.


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