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My experience so far and some suggestions

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There's the obvious bugs you'll find while playing this game but I think this is the start of something really fun. I love the building mechanics and exploring is dangerous yet so tempting. Being a game preview though there are some things I would change after playing for 4 hours: 

- the ability to transfer materials between players. Dropping an entire acorn cap on the floor that's twice the size of myself is a bit much. You drop 3 and now the whole room is just acorns. 

- The music. It does fit the theme and vibe of it all, I just wish it wasnt so ominous all the time. Like I get that things are weird being tiny and all, but some more light hearted music while I'm building or just chopping down grass would be nice. 

- The lamps. Lighting and textures are very nice in this game but the lamps are toooooo bright. 

- Blocking. May just be me but the blocking/guarding system is not all that intuitive and never has taken precedence over just running away.

- Foot steps. I can hear when I jump but while a player is walking around there's no sound from their feet. 


That's all I can think of at the moment. Besides these things and the obvious glitchy bugs this games has been really enjoyable and I can't wait to see where it goes. As long as the game doesn't crash i will definitely be back. 

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