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Xbox one - my observations and suggestions

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Let's start with the inventory.
1. Once put on, armor shouldn't take up space in your inventory.
2. Items moved to the quickbar should also not take up space in your inventory.

A few bugs.

1. After constructing the traps, a sudden attack of the larvae begins which destroys the base very quickly. 
2. Same situation with ants when you build from wood.


The game is great, both single player and multi, but it would be great to add a split-screen to it, although in the console version. I personally would love to own the game if there was a split-screen option. My wife thinks the same, because she likes the game very much and she complains about the fact that we cannot play together. Game sales would certainly increase if this mode appeared. I talked to many people who said it was a great opportunity to play with a child, and many people for this reason bought this game only. I know that it would reduce the quality of the game, but for sure many people were able to skip it if they had the opportunity to play split-screen with a child or partner.

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As of now I believe im in late game, have mint mallet, all armors including the Rotton Bee armor found in the ant hive. I’ve played well over 50+ hours  in game atleast.  
My suggestions would be this, 
-Unlock the lab doors along that wall. The one that says “Locked” inside have a pvp arena.

-With the above, implement this game into an MMORPG of some sort. It has a ton of potential. 

-The Three missions given daily need a buff, it’s cheesy, Mark spots, kill some things just didn’t cut it honestly. 

-Add a tutorial, quick, sweet, and simple. So new players understand what’s actually happening. The beginning was a little confusing but with game knowledge not difficult to figure out what needed done. 

-Work on the Campaign. You honestly can’t tell when the campaign even starts it’s just so random... as well as add more to it and a good story line or sub quests involving the main story. 

-Add higher tier armors, more to tools, and more stuff to build with. Get crafty, use fuzz for some shag carpets, have a metal type material to be gathered and build with. Or better yet, Obsidian. ;)

-Fix the known bugs quickly. 

- Implement taming of the bugs, using them as mounts, and as utility things fit harvesting, carrying things, fighting, etc. Maybe even have the Orb Weaver be a travel mount to grapple with web between the grass n such to get somewhere quicker as well as a melee that uses the two front legs like arms? I think you understand.  

- Last on my mind at the moment, extend the back yard, add more interactive structures, a places to see and explore within. 

I’m to the point where I’ve done most stuff, the games feeling repetitive and is getting sort of boring. I still played 12 hrs through the night but it was dragging by a bit. I can’t expect a ton for a pre release, but take what people are saying and implement that. Give us what we ask for to build the huge player base. Keep people happy and keep the game thriving. 

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